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You can support and empower war-impacted disabled individuals in Ukraine, paving the way for global outreach through your ITS token contribution.

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ITS Token (itsua) is the core of the non-profit IT-Sprout, pivotal for aiding disabled individuals worldwide. By launching its own itsua network for token issuance, those holding ITS tokens partake in a humanitarian cause. As IT-Sprout envisions global expansion, a dedicated cryptocurrency platform is in the blueprint, aimed to escalate the value and efficacy of ITS tokens, bridging remote IT employment opportunities from disabled individuals to the globe.


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Our Features

Global Humanitarian Impact

Your ITS token contribution fuels a worldwide mission, starting in Ukraine, to provide remote IT job opportunities for disabled individuals affected by war.

Philanthropic Network

Join a global network of philanthropists through the ITS token IDO, striving for digital inclusivity across borders.

Sustainable Growth

ITS tokens are a cornerstone for nurturing a self-sustaining ecosystem of opportunities and growth for disabled communities globally.

Philanthroken Journey

Building Bridges to a World of Opportunities

Embark on a philanthropic voyage with IT-Sprout, where ITS tokens are keys to global digital inclusivity, fostering remote IT jobs for the disabled, nurturing partnerships, and envisioning a network of over 100,000 contributors by 2030.


Continuous expansion of IT-Sprout initiatives will facilitate global remote IT job accessibility, advancing with legislative approvals across various nations.


IT-Sprout prioritizes individuals with disabilities, minimizing competition and ensuring a supportive, stigma-free environment for all members.


IT-Sprout clients receive ongoing support and partnership opportunities, promoting collaborative projects in IT, Blockchain, and robotics to enhance product development.


Aiming to nurture a global community with over 100,000 contributors by 2030, progressing steadily towards this target with unwavering conviction.

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